What type of animations do i do?

Because of different types of clients, I learned how to animate in different styles, from frame-by-frame to key-frame animationsvideo editing and compositing. I’m also a 3d artist and I always try to add some pepper to my works, but of course this also depends on the client’s budget and need. I’ve done these videos using After Effects. Most of them are 2D, some are a mix of 2D and 3D, others are just classic videos edited. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for the drawings and Maya for the 3D.









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Le arance Mammarancia sono certificate BIO! 🍊

Noi di Mammarancia ci impegnamo ogni giorno per offrirvi prodotti freschi e naturali! Per questo la certificazione #BIO è uno strumento fondamentale, utile anche a tutelare voi che amate le nostre #Arance, in Italia e nel mondo 🍊 🍊 🍊 🍊 #Mammarancia #Organic

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Mammarancia – Blood Oranges Reviews

🇮🇹 Le vostre recensioni la nostra più grande soddisfazione. Dall'Italia all'Europa per portare le nostre arance sulle vostre tavole, proprio come appena raccolte!🇬🇧 Your reviews are our satisfaction. From Italy to Europe we bring our oranges right to your table, freshly picked for you!🍊🌱🍊Shop now: http://www.mammarancia.com#Mammarancia #Sicily

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Mammarancia, le arance rosse Bio e IGP come appena raccolte!

🇮🇹 Dai nostri campi alla tua tavola, come appena raccolte! 🇬🇧 From our farm right to your table, freshly picked for you! 🍊🌱🍊Shop now: http://www.mammarancia.com/shopping.#Mammarancia #BloodOranges #AranciaRossa #Sicily

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La Famiglia Mammarancia

Vi presentiamo la famiglia Mammarancia! :D#AranceRosse #Sicilia #Famiglia

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